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The Unexpected Review

Ever since the new version of Possibilites was published in November of 2016. I continue to be surprised by the occasional unexpected review, as well as sales performance data.  With regard to the latter, I have to admit being gleefully surprised when I got my final report (and check) regarding recent retail sales at Walmart.  The massive retailer selected Possibilities for their “bestseller” shelf (it was merchandized between Christmas and the 1st quarter of 2017 next to the Movie Version of The Shack and Rush Limbaugh’s new book). Being a rookie/unknown author amongst that type of company, I was more than nervous about the Walmart agreement; as I was risking having to eat the cost of all returns to the publisher.  But, in late July, my good friends at NewType Publishing sent me a nice check and a statement that, between all 1,200 stores that had my book, I had already received all of the returns (which amounted to just under 200, all of which I have already sold or donated through fundraisers for St Jude and The Press On Fund).

With regard to the “unexpected review” part of this blog entry, I remain quietly hopeful that some of the bigger reviewers will read this and offer the same favorable recommendations that have pretty much been the norm, thus far. I have made some steps of my own to increase the book’s popularity, namely I hired The Marketing Heaven to promote my facebook page, but the results that I am hoping for are yet to be seen. My hopefulness is fueled by the occasional surprise review that I received this past Saturday, when I awoke to a call from my mother about “the wonderful article about your book.”  The review (link here) was lovely; and, while The Aiken Standard is a far cry from a nationally syndicated reviewer, it feeds my hope that, if I can only remain like this book’s inspiration – Brennan: positive, patient and always looking forward, little things like this feed my faith that Possibilities will one day reach the larger population of human beings who will receive comfort and hope from this real life and miraculous story.


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