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Ten percent of author royalties benefit the Press On Fund for research initiatives at St Jude Children's Research Hospital. The author is co-founder of Press On which has donated over $1mm to research at St. Jude since 2012

Press On and St Jude's Children's Research Press On and St Jude's Children's Research

New Kirkus Review

Have to admit “opening” my email from the Kirkus review with hesitation, as I knew that I was getting the full-blown, unbiased treatment from someone who had no previous opinions about me, or our story from the blog writing days.   It seems I can always count on kind words from friends and family.  But I also know that, if I am going to be a real writer, I need to put myself out there for the pros to review my writing with the right kind of critical eye.  So, here it is…  Doing my best to get this added to the “In Praise Of” section of the book itself.  My great team at Greenleaf is working on adding this, as well as Paul Young’s beautiful new review. It will be available on our social media pages shortly, so remember to visit, leave a like and hit the subscribe button, so we don’t have to rely on pistachioconsulting.com that much.


BOOK REVIEW Drawing from his blog posts, a father recounts the life-changing battle waged against his young son’s leukemia. In 2009, Simkins’ middle son, Brennan, had just turned 7 when he was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia that required a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy. Sadly, while it at first seemed that the cancer was in remission after Brennan underwent treatment in a hospital near the family’s Georgia home, the cancer crept back. Medical professionals told Simkins and his wife that further treatment would be risky, and they should prepare for their child’s death. Instead, the family relocated to St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis, where Brennan ended up receiving a record four stem cell transplants. Simkins began to blog soon after Brennan’s diagnosis; this memoir is an adaptation of those chronologically dated entries. He details his son’s fight against cancer and an array of distressing setbacks, which included the emergence of a brain cyst and Brennan being put into a medical coma, as well as how the Band of Brothers story became a resonating metaphor for the family. Simkins also details relationships forged with pediatric cancer patients, their parents, doctors, and most significantly, his own fluctuating moods of faith and despair. By 2012, the family was finally back at home, with Brennan now stable in fourth remission, with Simkins realizing the experience had also unleashed “the capacity to awaken, to seek, and truly experience life.” Simkins, who spent time as a newspaper reporter and now runs an advertising firm, offers an intensely honest account of the horrors and hope that face a parent whose child has cancer. His narrative is a testament to the importance of seeking out additional medical opinions while harnessing the power of family and prayer. Simkins admits in his foreword that his account may be too downbeat and overly detailed, but his memoir is nevertheless an absorbing, suspenseful read, complete with a heartbreaking dramatic crescendo as Brennan recovers but others do not. A harrowing, ultimately inspiring cancer journal.


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