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Gearing Up

Wow… I have been overwhelmed with the extraordinarily positive comments looking forward to Possibilities.   I have just signed off on the FINAL edit, which means Greenleaf has submitted the manuscript to Amazon.  Looks like the eBook will be available in a couple of weeks and the printed version will be available close to the April 15 date as announced, if not earlier.  Everyone who has registered will be emailed a reminder so that they can complete their order through Amazon.   Concurrent with getting all of this wrapped up, Tara and I have been working hard on a book tour, which will begin here at home, then Memphis (Davis Kidd Bookstore April 10).  It will ultimately take me from Washington & Lee Alumni weekend (April 30), to New York (June 8), where I will talk at Flatiron Health.  Other cities where the stop is being coordinated include (in no particular order): Spartanburg, SC; Charlotte, NC; Charleston, SC; Atlanta, GA; Oxford MS; and Point Clear, AL.  Tara and I are  also making plans to be on the  west coast for a couple IMG_0451of weeks in  July.  Feel free to reach out if you have a bookstore in your area for me  to make a visit.

The requests for such stops have been enough to make us sit back and  reflect on what an amazing circle we have completed, as I  will finally have the opportunity to see so many folks who have both  encouraged us, as a family, and encouraged me, as a writer, for so  many years.   The recognition has even extended to a number of  media requests for interviews which, to date, have culminated with a lengthy interview by CSPAN, which is slated to air August 2 of this  year as part of their Cities and Book TV segment.   The photo of the CSPAN Mobile, above, shows me and my team at Newfire Media (with only Susie missing), which has been so supportive and indulgent in allowing me to pursue this major endeavor.  I  cannot thank these guys enough, both from a creative standpoint and as individual members of our family’s support team.  Like so many good folks out there who have reserved a copy of the book, they have encouraged me to believe this thing may indeed, as Dr. Evans says, “Make a difference.”



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4 Responses to Gearing Up

  1. Tammy Wright/Jake Wright-Piekarski March 17, 2015 at 7:32 pm #

    Hi Turner-
    Jake and I are so excited about “Possibilities”. You and your family are simply the best! Love to you all.

  2. paul gratzel March 17, 2015 at 7:36 pm #

    In a single word, you and Tara are INSPIRATIONAL!!

  3. Kitty Newton March 18, 2015 at 9:29 pm #

    Turner I am so excited to see this labor of love finally on its way to the presses. K

  4. Allison Burnett Smith March 20, 2015 at 12:30 am #

    Brent and I are so excited about your book!

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