Possibilities Book by Turner Simkins | Now available at Amazon.com and Walmart Possibilities Book by Turner Simkins | Now available at Amazon.com and Walmart
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Ten percent of author royalties benefit the Press On Fund for research initiatives at St Jude Children's Research Hospital. The author is co-founder of Press On which has donated over $1mm to research at St. Jude since 2012

Press On and St Jude's Children's Research Press On and St Jude's Children's Research

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In honor of Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month, we are offering the “Possibilities” eBook for only $0.99.
To order, simply go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and download right away. I am happy to offer this with no strings attached; HOWEVER, if I may be so bold, I am politely requesting all of my readers who have not already written a review to please log onto Amazon and or B&N.com and render a review of “Possibilities.”  It does not have to be long (“great read, recommended to all my friends…” that type of message).  I am somewhat embarrassed to make this request, and know that some of you receiving this have already done so; but these reviews are very helpful in getting the attention of larger media outlets and review services, such as Kirkus, NY Times, etc.  I’ve do not have any fancy digital tools in place requiring a review in exchange for the $0.99 offer, so please take advantage of this during this important month (and spread the word).

Lastly, I wanted to offer up my little “video gift” with the following link.  This beautiful work is the product of Tim Johnson and the GRU video team.  https://vimeo.com/138245192

Links to the eBook special are:
$0.99 Kindle special at Amazon.com

$0.99 Nook special at Barns&Noble

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